What is the overall business impact from your digital transformation program? [Barry Callebaut Interview]

Earlier this month our CEO, Katya Vladislavleva, visited our client Barry Callebaut Group to interview Filip Buggenhout, Director Innovation & Technology, about Smart Production and the Smart Factory of the future.

Digital transformation creates impact for businesses. But what can you expect exactly? That’s what Filip Buggenhout elaborated on during this interview.

Katya Vladislavleva,posted on 4th July 2022
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Katya: And could you share now when the program is at least 3 years old and a little bit older what the business impact is the program created?

Filip: We see a more consistent and better product quality which is great for our customers But we are also getting more capacity out of our line. In some cases it's double digit and that is really great.

Katya: So double digits, that's transformational.

Filip: It is indeed not optimizing but transformational

Katya: Fantastic!

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